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Virtual Pets Help Kids Learn

December 29, 2007

Online Virtual Dogs for Kids.

Many parents find that virtual dogs and cats help kids learn. A Virtual Pet can be an ideal way to teach their child about the needs of a real pet dog or cat.

A dog or cat can be a healthy, loving and welcome addition to any family. But often the parents take care of all the families’ pet’s needs and the kids just get to play with them. While it may be a challenge to get your kids to change the real kitty litter, you can help them understand all that you do for the family pet by giving your child a virtual pet.

An Online virtual pet world can present all the needs and challenges that a real pet may face, including food, water… and visiting the fire hydrant.

Virtual online pets like online virtual dogs or cats have become very popular since the introduction of Webkinz by Ganz. These wonderful plush toys come with a Tag of Authenticity and a special Code that unlocks a special online pet.

Here is a full line of virtual dogs – sure to please the tastes of any puppy-lover.

Check this list of 15 different Virtual dogs you can select from!

  • BullDog, Beagle, Black Lab,
  • the retired Bassett Hound Webkinz is now a collectable,
  • Chocolate Lab, Dalmatian, Collie,
  • Husky, Webkinz Love Puppy, Poodle,
  • Pug, St Bernard, Yellow Lab,
  • the White Terrier and the Yorkie.

    Maybe you can select the same breed of dog that you plan to get for your family. You can get your child their own virtual dog and let them get familiar with everything your new family member will need.

    Virtual Webkinz Puppies For Kids.

    Start them off with virtual dogs online!